Logistics & Custom Trips

We love creating custom itineraries, allowing our creative juices to flow and more than 23 years of experience shine and deliver for you. This includes planning the logistics of our regularly advertised travel packages, as well as creating custom itineraries to meet the requirements of the many International Mountaineering Companies from the USA and Europe, expeditionary groups and independent travelers who avail themselves of our services.

Do you have an idea for a climb or trek you don’t see here? Do you want to climb a particular mountain that’s off the beaten path?. Do you dream of taking a private group of friends and family on a trek or climb? Are you in charge of the team building budget at work and want to offer up something different?

Let’s make it happen!

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"Commitment to community, Bolivian Journeys knows the importance giving back to the mountain communities. That is why we work with the Aymaras communities, we do not only give them job porting and driving mules, but also donate a percentage of all profits to projects aimed at helping those in need. Booking porters and mules trough us you help to these communities and have the certainty to have a reliable service".